Repair of Dragichevo-Vladaya road - E871/E79

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For construction and repair works, the traffic in the lane for Sofia is limited to a 3.1 km section of the first-class road. The construction works are part of the phased repair of over 4 km of the road I-1 Sofia - Pernik in the section between the railway station "Vladaya" and the road junction "Daskalovo",

The repair of the section between the Vladaya railway station and the Daskalovo road junction includes the laying of a new asphalt concrete pavement, reinforced with a geogrid along the entire width of the lane.

Drainage will be improved and adjacent drains will be restored.
The road will have new concrete curbs, restraint systems / guardrails / and road signs.

It is expected that in September the repair works will continue in the section from Dragichevo / at km 285 + 730 / to the road junction “Daskalovo” / at km 286 + 865 /. They are planned to be completed by the end of the year.

The repair works are assigned to "Roads Pernik" DZZD, with which RIA has a contract under the Public Procurement Act for the maintenance of national roads in the district of Pernik.

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Video: Repair of Dragichevo-Vladaya road - E871/E79
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