Botevgrad - Mezdra Lot-2 (17.04.2021)

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Drone video from the construction of the highway Botevgrad - Mezdra - (I-1 E-79) - Lot 2 - from Lutidol to Mezdra
Length of the section: 13.3 km (from the 161st to the 174th km.)
Start: October 2019
Execution period: 3 years (1096 days, of which 180 days for design).
Contractor: consortium "MB Lot 2 - 2019", composed of companies:
- European Roads AD (80%);
- Water Construction - Blagoevgrad AD (19%);
- "Vahostav - SK" (1%).

The road will have two lanes in each direction, separated by dividing strip with guardrail and a gauge of 20 m.
Two tunnels will be built on the bypass of Lyuti dol, with lengths of 490 m and 340 m, respectively. A number of facilities will be built and repaired: the railway line Mezdra - Sofia, bridges over the river Iskar, Malata Reka, Kalnitsa, Bebresh, Rudarka, as well as a road junction near the village of Novachene.

The intersections of the republican and municipal roads will be carried out through roundabouts "Mezdra", "Durmantsi", "Rebarkovo", "Lyuti dol", "Skravena" and "Botevgrad". There is plan to upgrade the roundabouts to two level road junctions. It is planned to build agricultural overpasses, recreation areas, etc.

Video: Mezdra-Botevgrad road reconstruction
Date: 17.04.2021
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