Botevgrad - Mezdra - Lot-1 (08.2021)

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The section of 19.32km (from 174 + 800 to km 194 + 122) starts from the ring road of Botevgrad and ends before Lutidil (where Lot-2 starts).

The road will have two lanes with two lanes for traffic in the direction, with a gauge of 20 m. It is planned to build agricultural overpasses, recreation areas, etc.

The construction and design is carried out by the association "GEOPAT LOT 1", with participants: "Geostroy" and "Patstroy-92".
Contract value: BGN 159,599,935.27 with VAT
Construction contract: №RD-33-12 / 18.10.2019

Term for design and construction of the road section: 1096 days, of which 180 days for design and 916 days for construction.

Warranty periods:
for facilities - 10 years
for road part - 5 years

Construction supervision: Mezdra Consult DZZD, with participants: Transconsult - BG OOD and Rutex OOD.
Contract value: BGN 1,476,000 with VAT
Contract for construction supervision: № D-122 / 18.10.2019

Archaeological research: National Archaeological Institute with Museum at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.
Contract value: BGN 491,722.00 with VAT.
Contract for Archaeological Research: № D-8 / 12.02.2019
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Video: Mezdra-Botevgrad road reconstruction
Date: 21.08.2021
Music: Royalty Free Music from Bensound

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