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For example: My last match I just did involved 13 kills, 12 LMG kills and 1 C4 kill. One time the battlelog on here didn t count a SUAV kill of mine but it did count the last time I used it to get a kill. October 19, 2013 20:42 12 followers Report Share Warhawk Top 10 For all of the non-readers, listen to this explanation of Warhawk Top 10 warhawk stats not updating. If you look at my stats and add up all the weapons and vehicle kills it will add up to 15 below what Battlelog says my total number of kills. Here is your answer: If you have a video-recording device, record your screen when playing and find the greatest play of the video that you think could show up in the Warhawk Top 10. The ability to post questions and comments on Support Community Forums is available to players who have been registered with Social Club for at least one month. Warhawk Top 10 Teamcheerios007 said: Mine is a different issue but is still involves stats with weapons/equipment not updating (Xbox One). If you are a brand new Social Club member (less than one month), please feel free to browse warhawk stats not updating. Tell your friends about the Warhawk Top 10, and get them to send us some of their plays. Additionally, ChemicalGroom has recently joined the team to provide commentary for the Warhawk Top 10 videos.

I think this idea is plausible, and he and I have come to make to corroboration to make this idea a reality. Let them download the file, give it to you, so you can give it to us to review. Why DICE and EA are you not counting some of my weapons/equipment stats that I have had kills with. For these videos to start releasing, we need your help. I am a gamer that keeps up with his stats. If one wanted to, they could make a timeline of the great events in Warhawk; we have our golden age and our down-sloping times; our own set of Legends; and the best teams to ever play Warhawk. We ll review your play and put together the best 10 plays of the present two weeks into one video. A good site to use to download your video files is FileFactory (300 MB maximum upload). Warhawk has become more than a game to most of the Warhawk community - it has become an addiction. cheerios007 said: Mine is a different issue but is still involves stats with weapons/equipment not updating (Xbox One).

Well the stats did go through but only the 12 LMG kills. Have you ever wanted to show your fellow community members your skill or get your name out there, but had no way of doing so. There will be a Warhawk Top 10 around every two weeks, so if you do not have a video in before the upcoming WT10 video, it ll have to wait until the next WT10 release.chat to hot girls online no sign up.
. Every two weeks, UGAfootballfan1 and I will compile the top-10 plays of those two weeks and present them to the Warhawk community to entertain and show how amazing some people are in this game. More to come as soon as we find other sites to use. UGAfootballfan1 made a thread proposing we should have a top-10 plays video. We recommend no bad-quality video, but if it s all you ve got send it in - we re not blind Download your play, and send it to us. .Freshman dating a senior in high school.Adult singles dating lewiston maine.

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Warhawk stats not updating . We selected the 20 best ones and integrated them with the v1.3 update.Well, we held another competition but this time for our players in ...

We selected the 20 best ones and integrated them with the v1.3

Ok I have made this thread so peeps who are still having problems with Warhawk regarding stats can voice their concerns and use the Poll to give feedback to Incognito.

01/09/2007 · Has anyone had issues with stats not saving and updating from ranked servers? I played a number of hours last night, received numerous ribbons,...

Neoseeker Forums » PS3 Games » Action » WarHawk » Stats Discussion & Questions. Stats Discussion & Questions. 0. WarHawk. profile; ... Stats Discussion ...

... Warhawk Points Updating ... Warhawk Updated But Points Not Updating ... when i go to look at my stats where the bages and things are it still says i ...

It doesnt matter if you buy the Blu-Ray version or the PSS version, it has nothing to do with the game its self, like people have been saying its the...

Battlelog is a free social platform that ties into Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 3 and lets you socialize, track stats, plan your next game, and more from your web ...


This game is really slow updating I just got 10 kill's, and bandit tow missle award.

For the last two games my stats just wont update some times when i get kicked it takes time to update but now even after i come back lets say an hour

Despite the game being highly rated amongst gamers and gaming journalists alike and delivering the much needed satisfaction for PS3 owners, what is sure to go down ...

This might explain why stats are not updating for other. + anything that has not been updated will have been lost, EA have confirmed that, ...

between last night and today my stats have stayed completly the same and havent budged . must have got over 50 kills just today alone and yet it
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warhawk stats not updating
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